UEF Specs



The Stairway to Hell - The premier repository for BBC and Electron software.
The Acorn Preservation Project - A website containing archives of accurate media images and scans of Books, Magazines and Manuals concerning the Electron and BBC Micro. Now the home of MakeUEF, a tool for converting tapes into UEF files.
Acorn Electron World - A historical museum of incredible depth completely dedicated to the Acorn Electron.
BBC Micro Documentation Project - An archive of manuals and datasheets concerning BBC and Electron software and hardware. Both the Electron User Guide and Advanced User Guide can be found here.
The BBC Lives! - Primarily a BBC Micro site, but numerous Electron Application ROMs are available from here and the links section is good.
Elkulator - An alternative Acorn Electron emulator.
The Acorn Electron Lives! - A site that promises "Total Acorn Electron dedication" and delivers with a disk image archive, some hardware projects you can perform at home and scans of Electron User covers through the years.
ninsei.net - the source for BBC Connect - BBC Connect is a shell for various BBC emulators that includes ElectrEm support.
8bs - 8bs - temporarily offline - is the largest Acorn 8bit PD software repository. Among the files of interest to Electron users are an exhaustive archive of ELBUG magazine, some early copies of the Electron User Group magazine (see below), most of the type-in software from Electron User and the Plus 3 welcome disc (including Acornsoft's Snapper).
UEFReader - A Tape-UEF playing plugin for Java Sound applications such as the winamp-alike jlGui