UEF Specs



ElectrEm v0.6c (released 18/01/07)
This is the recommended version of ElectrEm. Older versions remain available for anybody that has problems with this version of the emulator.

A changelog is available online.

Windows Version (406 kB)
Mac OS X Version (1.8 MB) (Universal Binary, OS X v10.2+)
Source Code (615 kB) (includes MSVC 6 and XCode 2.4 project files)

ElectrEm Classic beta 9
The last fully tested release of the classic code. Possibly worth a try if ElectrEm Future doesn't work, or if you're using a platform it doesn't support.

Windows Version (351 kB)
Linux/GGI/Glibc 2 Version (354 kB)
Linux/SVGALib/Glibc 2 Version (355 kB)
DOS Version (586 kB)
Source Code (241 kB)
SDL/GGI/Allegro makefile scheme (175 kB)

ElectrEm Classic beta 10 WIP (update)
A work in progress version of what would have been beta 10 had a forced break in development not occurred. So far this is the only version of the emulator with Jafa Mode 7 emulation. New files should be dropped over their beta 9 equivalents.

Windows Version (160 kB)
DOS Version (404 kB)
Necessary Data file for all versions (143 kB)
Source Code (278 kB)
Mode 7, Master RAM Board and Autoload ROMs (17 kB)